Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vote for One Photo of the Week....And lots to look and READ about...

Remember to leave your comment by clicking on the word 'comment' way down at the bottom of the blog, state the ONE picture you would like to vote for, click publish, then remember to scroll down again and retype the squiggly words and click publish again. Thanks for taking the time to do so. If you are at the High School, check out the printed Photos of the Week in the Office.












A great group of pictures to choose from. Look carefully, enlarge, and vote for your favorite remembering clarity and compostion.  Then come back here and read on....

Pictures from last week's class....

Thanks to Sierra and Lexie for joining us. In the first 2 portraits I had the girls stand with the sun to their backs. My camera facing the sun. A usual 'no no', but not really. Notice how it creates nice lighting on their hair, a halo type effect, adding accent to their faces that have NO shadows or harsh lighting. With Courtney, she is completely in the shade and we just used the plain blocks as a background. If I could do it over, I'd probably angle it differently so the corner wasn't behind her. The monotones make her hair and eyes pop. I really like that pic, Courtney. Do you?

First thing I noticed about this picture was the itty bitty twig in her eye. So I got out my 'thumb nail' sheers and 'plucked' it. Next I noticed the other two girls were much too out of focus. Here is my correction....

Horrors... the fire hydrant is UGLY... so I'll adjust my angle to cover it up....

Better. It took away the hydrant and white round thingy on the wall. Note to self: keep playing with the shot and experiment more with the aperture (depth of field) to see what it looks like with everybody IN focus!! 
What do you ladies think of the changes and composition? Please leave a comment.

Reflections are fun to play with whether it be in windows, mirrors, or off sunglasses or car hoods.

As you have noticed by now, I am not here today. U of A ROTC is having an awards ceremony in the football stadium with 4 star Generals and my daughter, Sarah is a recipient. We are down there to watch.

As she puts it, she's learning how to "protect our butts".  Thanks SarahGirl. :)

This is a site with every kind of Photography Lesson for the beginner, including a store. Look around.
Please leave a comment with ONE thing you picked up from the site.

Check out this blog. If you go to the date 2/26 'Such Fun Kids' you'll see Kinzie Roberts' nieces and nephew. This photographer does a great job. It's always inspiring to look at another's work.
Leave a comment and tell me what you think of her work.

I noticed a few of you did the black and white thing, with the one shot of color. Here's a photobucket site of color splash. Enjoy. Again, leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

David Sanders is a friend and amazing photographer. I met him through Digital Photography Academy, I being his student. He has really taught me a ton, particularly when it comes to sports. Take a look at his site and the write up about him at the Academy. The academy would be a great place for you to take a class this summer. Offered on the weekends, they are small and reasonably priced.
If there were enough of you interested maybe we could arrange a class here in town. Let me know what you think. Comment time. :)

Have a great weekend snapping.

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  1. picture number 6!

  2. 2 votes for number 7. it has good color and its cute

  3. Picture Number 9.

  4. photo 1 i really like the contrast of the flower.

  5. photo 5 has an eyecatching angle

  6. 2 votes for 7 the color is good and the little girl uis very cute!!!!!

  7. #2 is interesting