Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Practicing Portraits

It seems there has been a lot of portrait taking going on so I thought a review and practice session would be good.  Not being skilled with studio work, I like the natural lighting techniques. Our campus has lots of areas that provide shaded or soft light, uncluttered backgrounds and backdrops. Because of our short time, choose something close and shaded but not shaded with splotches, an all over shade, like under an over hang. Pick a door way, the line of posts, the brick walls, the Wrangler Wrock, whatever you feel creative in using. You will obviously need to work in pairs.

Now shoot your subject full length, mid-length, and then detail or close-up (facial). Do as many as you need. Vary the light and change positions, angles etc.

For a better description check out this from Digital Photography School:
Portraiture in Motion: How to take Striking Portraits in 15 minutes or less 

This is Phoebe against a simple background with a bleach processing.
Greg is just partially shown here a top his beloved truck with the desert backdrop in blur.

This downward, close-up shot really shows Daniela's eyes. The photo was taken by
Sarah Blakeley.

Go off and "Look through your lens"! I'll just be 'The fly on the wall'.

Mrs. Blakeley.... keep snapping

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