Sunday, January 31, 2010

OH SNAP!!!!!!

     I broke the Cardinal Rule! Oh snap! I know the rule. I know better. I know how to prevent what happened. I could give you every reason, every excuse as to why it happened but that won't help. That won't bring back the day. The hike. The fantastic photos... probably the best photos ever taken... and of course they got even better!! when I realized... I forgot the stinking card for my camera!!! Battery....check. Card....check. But wait, I'll switch cards with Rick's camera that he was taking to Phoebe's game so I had the bigger Gig card (since I'm known to take a load of pics)....Made the switch but forgot to put the 'big' card in my camera.  My mistake.... not to take a test shot before leaving. Make sure your camera is functioning. Second mistake. NO BACK-UP card!!
      So a fantastic day of climbing Vulture Peak with Aunt Laurie and my daughter, Sarah, is now in the computer bank of my brain. Not so trust worthy these days but I keep replaying a few of the shots I took that briefly showed on my LCD, in my head. I particularly liked the one of Laurie and Sarah running by me. I shot up from the ground and the sun was making 'sunflares' through some sahuaros, the sky deep blue, they looked strong. I think Nike would have liked it. :) hahaha  I don't have 'the dope' climbing the west side of the peak nor would I have had it if we would have had to scrape him up from the ground. There isn't the spectacular vista at the top recorded with 'The Posers'...Laurie and Sarah or the race to the bottom. I just have my brain bank and a sore back from lugging a camera for no reason.

LESSON: Check everything. Charge your batteries. Have a spare. Bring extra cards. Make sure your camera functions before you leave. How many times have I heard this in classes, from photographers?!!
It will happen to everyone eventually.... just make sure you cover your steps so it doesn't happen when it matters most, like a rare trip from your sister.

My computer is down. I'm at the Apple Store as I type. I won't be able to get pictures printed until Wednesday....maybe. I'm so sorry our first week has started out this way. Hopefully it will give you more time to vote since no one has yet. So Vote away!! I'll be able to check my email.

Keep shooting!
Mrs. B 

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