Friday, January 29, 2010

January 28th: Review, slow-down, practice what we've learned

"You don't take a photograph, you make it."  -- Ansel Adams

Stop taking Pictures, start creating them!

Topic #1 Composition:

Look for pattern-filled compositions or create them. Shoot from all angles; above, below, behind, beside, etc.

Topic #2 The Exposure Triangle:

Continue to play with the Basic Mode Zones on your camera.

ASSIGNMENT:  send me one picture with patterns, two showing DOF (depth of field, one with a narrow dof and one with a big dof), 2 or 3 for 'Picture of the Week'.

Please be sure to label which pictures are for assignments and which are for 'Pictures of the Week'. If I have to use my ESP powers, they have been known to be faulty.

This photo by RACHAEL MOORE, has large DOF. Phoebe is focused in the foreground and London's Parliament and city is focused in the background. Nice job of off setting the subject and using the Rule of Thirds.

This river lily has a narrow DOF. The background is blurred to make the subject stand out. The lily and bee are the only things in focus.

Practice these two techniques using AV and TV modes.

Other blogs to check out. The best way to better your creativity is to check out others creativity.

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