Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Doldrums....

My Grandkids from London are here. It's 115 degrees!! We've done lots of swimming, gone to the movies, cooked, drawn, played cards, yada, yada, yada.... What now. Thanks to a 'blog acquaintance', Angela Cartwright, Zoe, Chase, Grace and I made SOCK Dolls. I had needed to clean my sock drawer. Awesome idea, Angela, thanks!

While we have been busy creating, grandson Jack is quite the 'dog whisperer' and is getting along well with our hound Angie. They have a wonderful bond.

In 115* it's always nice to cool off...

Phoebe was toughing it out despite her Jump Street ankle sprain...

There are several creative minds out there, I hope this sparks some creativity, whether you need ideas to babysit with or clean your sock drawer have fun! Check out Angela's creativity at:
Thank you, Thank you Angela for some summer fun!

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  1. Such a cool activity, not the swimming, the sock people!! What a wonderful Grandma and mother you are my dear sister Carol :)