Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Photo of the Week goes to.....

'The Spirit Tree' and Melanie Gay!  Good job Melanie and way to look at
things with a different angle.

For those of you wondering what you could do over spring break, check out this blog by 16 year old
Abby, trying to be the youngest EVER to sail around the world.

Then of course I want you to be out there taking pictures. What great weather we are having and certainly we have been enjoying Blakeley Beach and rafting the Hassayampa. Wild flowers and
vegetation are abundant. At this site are some Tips on Taking Wild Flower Pictures. Now I realize
that you all don't have tripods. The message here is to get your camera stable, have a fast shutter
speed and to pay attention to your composition. Get down on your bellys. The back side of flowers
make interesting shots too. Light coming through flowers have nice effects. Be creative and be
considerate for the enviroment. Try not to destroy the flowers as you walk around. Now go. Get
off the internet and out into this beautiful weather and snap away remember late afternoon and
evening provide good light. I realize morning won't happen for you :) Send them into me by
Go.... Go....

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