Monday, February 15, 2010

Gold Rush: A Valentine's Christmas/ASSIGNMENT

Looking at some of your pictures tells me that at least a couple of you took advantage of the Gold Rush Carnival of Lights. I love GRush for that reason. It's like shooting Christmas all over again, but enjoying the proximity of Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Eve I snuck down to the carnival at dusk and got some various shots. I always have to experiment with my settings until I get what I'm after, shutter speed being the all important factor. I have found this NIGHT-TIME Tutorial that puts it much better than I could put it down in words. I learned something too.  I didn't turn off my IS (image stablizing) when taking my shots. Do you think it shows?
Would my pictures be sharper? I don't know, probably.  I hope I remember next time.

Do you know how long it takes to wait for 'that moment'
when all things line up? Here, three of the rides are in
motion at once (that was a rarity) and I got a trailer with
lights to come through this outside lane for lower and 
upper streaks. That's photography luck!!

Last week we went over things we've learned and I tried to get a handle on what YOU
HAVE learned. Overwhelmingly you all seemed to want to learn more about aperture
and blurring your background. Again, at one of my favorite sites is an article on aperture.
Now, you DO have to read the article. You won't gain anything by just looking and it 
helps to have your camera handy to practice as you read. This weeks ASSIGNMENT:
Submit one picture with a subject and a blurred background. Then take that same subject
and make the background focused too. Get them in quickly. See you Thursday.
You should have no problem finding the link :)  Go to other links at the school if you
wish. Focus on the assignment first.

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